Did SunnEx Really Steal Sage Zulash Signals As Claimed? (Full Story)

Rex Nseobong November 21, 2021

SunnEx and Sage Zulash have been good friends for years. They didn’t get to know each other of recent. Their friendship has been for a very long time.

However a couple of days ago we saw an uproar where Sage Zulash posted on his WhatsApp status in disbelieve and broken heart that his friend will back stab him by stealing his signals and reselling it.

Before going in depths let’s get to know both people involved here. “SunnEx and Sage Zulash”.

Who Is SunnEx?

SunnEx is the founder of one of the most successful entertainment websites in Nigeria “Waploaded.com” popularly known for Hip hop music, South African music, Nigerian music and movies as well.

He is also the founder of Waploaded Crypto Academy which started early this year 2021.

Who Is Sage Zulash?

Sage Zulash is a Crypto Trader and Investor with years of experience in the crypto world. He has also been a blogger for years. He recently created a Crypto Community (WhaleMovesTraders) of which SunnEx is also a member.

Evidence that SunnEx is a member of WhaleMovesTraders premium group not premium+

Now back to our review. In this post we are not here to pick sides but rather display informations we’ve been able to gather and let you the reader decide.

WhaleMovesTraders have a discord community which is divided into two;

  • The free version (Where anybody can join and get free trading signals)
  • The premium version (Where trading signals are dropped more often as it is a paid version)

However recently WhaleMovesTraders opened another discord community and called it Premium+.

In there is where Sage Zulash and some other admins spend thousands of dollars weekly in making research and buying information about gem coins (coins likely to explode in the next few days or weeks).

So they then drop those coins there and tell premium+ members to buy so as to make huge profit. Presently the premium+ subscription fee is $500 per month.

Less we forget there are terms and conditions clearly stated in the website before joining WhaleMovesTraders community as a member and in the discord community after joining. Image below;

Now below is a screenshot we were able to get which shows SunnEx asking Sage Zulash to allow him join the premium+ group since he’s already in the premium group.

However Sage Zulash refused to add him.

All of a sudden Sage Zulash made it known to the public that SunnEx secretly joined the premium+ group anonymously and started stealing his gem coins which he spends so much on to get.

“Although there are no proof to back it up that SunnEx joined WhaleMovesTraders premium+ group anonymously, SunnEx has been posting almost the same signals as Sage Zulash has been posting on WhaleMovesTraders to the extent of posting on the same day at times” Sage Zulash said

Is it just a coincidence or SunnEx truly joined anonymously.

Below are some images Sage Zulash posted to back up his claim.

A post of Zulash telling users to buy SCLP


A screenshot of SunnEx posting on his WhatsApp status telling people to buy SCLP

Here’s another screenshot Sage Zulash posted to back up his claims. Check below;

Sage Zulash telling members to buy PORT

SunnEx telling members to buy PORT the same day Sage Zulash posted about it

Here’s another one on $Dreams

Screenshot of Zulash telling WhaleMovesTraders to buy Dreams


Screenshot of SunnEx telling people to buy Dreams as well two days after

Are all these just coincidence? Do coincidence happen 3 consecutive times?

We are not here to pick sides. We only provided gathered information and leave you the reader to decide.

After the uproar that day Sage Zulash posted a screenshot of SunnEx messaging him in a manner which sounded like a threat.


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  • Adamzy Lee Tuesday, 23 November 2021 Reply

    I have long cut off from associating my self from Nigeria joint commemorative business. Far back during the times of wapka.mobi I found my self in the cycle of Sunnex, Zulash, Israel32 (Prince), Mikkibow, Banji02, Prince Tobico, zeddy, Micheal Bridge, Frank ETC. We are both Admin in mobloards.tk even then non of us is able to buy .com domain. Short while Sunnex found Waploaded.com a PBL site build with php(Script) we both come long way. Let them settle their greviance because no one is above mistake let peace rain.

    • Rex Nseobong Tuesday, 23 November 2021 Reply

      It is well…

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