Dan’s Euro2020 Predictions – Can England conquer the Danes to reach Final?

Rex Nseobong July 6, 2021


Here are my Euro2020 Predictions for the Semi Finals

England 1-0 Denmark

At the weekend I wasn’t nervous, as I geneuinely couldn’t see Ukraine laying a glove on England. Wednesday is a different story.

While I maintain that playing Denmark at home is a golden chance to get to a major Final, the stakes are so high you can’t count out the occasion getting to the players. It’s no different to when your club get to Wembley. You only enjoy the moment if you win.

The fear of failure though can be all consuming.

Southgate’s strength is the team spirit he has created, yet if one country can compete with that, it’s Denmark.
Wherever it’s right or wrong, the Danes have convinced themselves that it’s their destiny to win the Euros for Eriksen. If it helps make his players believe then their coach will continue to tap into it.

It’s worth stressing that Denmark won in their last visit to London.

I seen bigger shocks then a Schmeichel for example having an outstanding game.

My theory is though that the longer the match, the more if suits the Three Lions, even if that means extra time.

I noticed how Denmark tire in the latter stages of contests. Imagine that happening with the attacking options England can bring off the bench

Italy 1-0 Spain

Italy consistently have been the best team at the Euros. Mancini has created a togetherness in the squad which is impressive given how little time an international boss gets to work with his players.

Spain still keeps the ball better than anyone, and for all their critics could easily dominate possession in their next two games to lift the trophy.

The difference could be the Italians seem more street wise in both areas.

In the last few minutes against Belgium they were like the great Italians of decades previous with their game management.

Where some call it is cheating, the Italians are brought up on the ethos that dark arts are part of the game.

Spanish principles are different.

I just trust the Italians more at this moment in time.


You may have noticed I predicted two of the Q-Finals spot on. That would have been 7 points but thanks to a late Ukraine Winner against Sweden I’m not in contention…

We started with 24 but here are our final 4 ……

Sid 4 – HH 4 – (HH wins 6-5 based on correct scores in whole tournament)
Kenya 4 – Samson 2
Okobino 0 – Declan 8
Terrah 4 – edu 5

Semi final

HH vs Kenya

Declan vs Edu

Predict the two semi-Finals.

Joint points will be decided by who has the most correct scores throughout the competition. If players still can’t be separated the winner will be whoever finished higher in the original domestic table.

If you want to be tactical and not want your opponent to see your scores, email admin or message me on Twitter @Dan_destiny.


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